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Mixed seafood and meat Paella- Min. 2 persons- Price P/P 10,85€
Pork sirloin platter with quail eggs 9,85€
Home-made croquette with iberian cured ham (4 units) 5,45€ (8 units) 9,45€
Home-made croquette with spinach and pine nuts (4 units) 5,45€ (8 units) 9,45€
Assorted home-made croquettes (4 units) 5,45€ (8 units) 9,45€
Ensaladilla rusa (Potato mayonnaise salad, mixed with praws) (1/2) 4,85€  (1) 7,85€
Porra Antequerana. Cold cream of tomatoe and vegetables (in season only) 6,45€
Fried camembert with a blueberry jam 8.85€
Matured sheep cheese 12,45€
Spicy “Brava” potatoes 6,85€
Potatoes “L’expérience” (garlic mayonnaise and honey) 6,85€
Prawns “pil pil” 8,85€
Selection of Tapas 1 (Ham with quail egg, lberian pork tenderloin
and salmon with blue cheese cream)
Selection of Tapas 2 (Croquettes, fried camembert cheese,
and pork tenderloin fillets with quail eggs)


L’expérience salad: with bacon, chicken, goat cheese, apple,
tomato and a honey mustard vinaigrette
Thai salad with prawns: rice noodles, lemon grass, coriander, lime and sesame oil 11,85€
Cress lettuce salad: with lberian cured ham. cheese,
croutons and cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoe salad: with tuna Loin, fresh cheese,
fried garlic and a cream olive oil balsamic
Chicken Caesar Salad 10.85€

Artesan toast slices

Goose mousse with raspberry sauce 5,45€ 8,65€
Salmon, fresh Burgos’ cheese and onion 6,45€ 9,45€
Iberian Cured ham with oliva oil and tomato 6,45€ 9,45€
Mackerel loin with hot red peppers and tomato 6,45€ 9,45€
Cod with hot red peppers 6,45€ 9,65€
Camembert cheese with caramelized onions 6,45€ 9,65€


Wok (Chicken, vegetables and rice) 12,65€
Toasted noodles with prawns and garlic & lime mayonnaise 11,85€
Risotto with boletus, parmesan cheese and truffle aroma 12,65€
Pad Thai with prawns: rice noodles, vegetables, peanuts, lime, coriander and tofu 12,65€
Scrambled eggs with prawns and asparagus 10,85€
“Flamenquín Cordobés”, deep fried pork loin roll
with peppers and cheese
Broken fried eggs with foie 12,65€
Broken fried eggs with ham and “Padron” peppers 10,85€
Slithers of fillet with a Chef cream sauce 14,65€
Rib eye Steak 19,45€
Iberian pork tenderloin 17,65€


Children’s menu
(croquette, pork tenderloin and quail egg and chips)

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Sandwiches & Burgers

Beef Mini Burgers (4) 9,85€
L’expérience Beef Hamburger: Slivers of lberian cured ham, melted brie, tomato and a fried garlic infused olive oil 11,85€
Traditional Hamburger 7,45€
Bikini Sandwich: Ham and cheese toastie 5,45€
The Philly Sandwich: Strips of tender beef with caramelized onion and cheddar cheese 7,85€
Sanwich VIP Club: Vip Club with bacon, chicken, onion tomato and Emmental cheese 9,65€


Artisan bread and breadsticks basket 1,85€


Chocolate Brownie with walnuts an vanilla ice-cream (home-made) 4,85€
Tarte Apple Tatin with vanilla ice-cream (home-made) 4,85€
Raspberry Cheese Cake (home-made) 4,85€
Chocolate Coulant with vanilla ice cream 4,85€
Ice Crea m 2 scoops or 3 scoops (turran. vanilla. strawberry or chocolate) 3,85 4,85€
Ice cream Shake (turron. vanilla. strawberry or chocolate) 3.95€

Beer & Soft drinks

Heineken glass of beer 2,00€
Heineken pint of beer 3.45€
Buckler 0,0 2,20€
Alhambra Reserva 1925 3,30€
Alhambra Reserva Roja 3,50€
Heineken 2,65€
Coronita 3,30€
Guinness 4.55€
Paulaner 50cl 4,25€
Soft drinks 20cl 2,00€
Soft drinks 33cl 2.75€
San Pellegrino (Sparkling water) 50cl 2.75€
“Trinto de verano” (red wine with sweet soda) 2,65€
“Sangría” 3,00€
Juices 2,00€
Milk shaked 2,00€
Still Water 2,00€


Vine glass
ENCASTE Cosecha Ronda 16,85€
JUAN GIL Roble, Jumilla 16,85€
PERNALES Crianza Sierra de Málaga 17,85€
IBÉRICOS Crianza Rioja 2,95€ 14,85€
RIOJA VEGA GG Roble Rioja 15,85€
DINASTÍA VIVANCO Crianza Rioja 17,85€
AZPILICUETA Crianza Rioja 17,85€
ALTOS IBÉRICOS Reserva Rioja 25,65€
200 MONGES Reserva Rioja 42,85€
VEGA RIAZA Cosecha R. Duero 2,95€ 14,85€
CELESTE Roble R. Duero 17,85€
CONVENTO OREJA Roble R. Duero 17,85€
CELESTE Crianza R. Duero 22,85€
MATARROMERA Crianza R. Duero 26,85€
VERDEO Blanco Rueda 2,95€ 14,85€
VIÑA SOL Blanco Penedés 2,95€ 14,85€
SAN VALENTÍN Semidulce 2,95€ 14,85€
VIÑA ESMERALDA Blanco Penedés 16,85€
DE CASTA Rosado Penedés 2,95€ 14,85€
VIÑA ESMERALDA ROSÉ Rosado Penedés 3,25€ 16,85€
MÁLAGA VIRGEN Pedro Ximénez 2,95€ 16,85€
PÚRPURA Cava Juvé y Camps 3,35€ 17,85€
ROSADO Cava Juvé y Camps 19,85€
RESERVA DE LA FAMILIA Cave Juvé y Camps 22,85€
LANSON Champagne 39,45€

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